A strong horizon point is the starting point from which the view is deconstructed, the fragments reassembled to compel the viewer to experience the power and complexity of our environment. Underlying an intrinsic reference to environment is a conscious effort to utilize formal elements so each painting is resonant on a visual level. The wilderness and expanse of earth and sky are juxtaposed with the inclusion of the "human presence" in the form of populated areas. These areas are portrayed in the paintings as minute in comparison to the natural environment as a deliberate reversal of the urban attitude that our human presence is foremost.

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Saltus Illuminati
Saltus Series
Forest Sojourns

Forest Passages
Skyline Series
Durrand Series
Mistaya Series
Spanish Series

Earthbound #1
oil on canvas
60 x 72"

Earthbound #2

oil on canvas
53.5 x 58.5"



Earthbound #13 - Haze
oil on paper
30 x 44"

Earthbound #14 - After the Deluge
oil on canvas
60 x 84"

Earthbound #20 - Day's End
oil on canvas
60 x 54"

Earthbound #29 - Nocturne
oil on canvas
54 x 60"

Earthbound #31 - Storm Dance
oil on canvas
48 x 60"

Earthbound #9

oil on canvas
60 x 72 "

Earthbound #10
oil on canvas
36 x 48 "

© Arlene Wasylynchuk 2012